Phoebe will begin preschool one week from today.

Phoebe's going to preschool!

(That’s the picture we sent to school to label her mailbox and cubby.)

Once that happens, Jack and I will be on the go a lot, shuttling the bigger kids around. Our day will be fragmented into small chunks of time that are easy to waste if I’m not intentional about how we use it. So, I wrote up a little plan for some “School at Home.”

We’re celebrating a theme each school week. For example, this week’s is Family. We’re reading books, singing songs, playing games and doing activities about the theme.

Family Tree

Yesterday, we made a family tree. We stuck our photos on some apples, labeled the leaves and stuck them on there.

Then we made paper versions of ourselves from this paper doll template from Tim’s Printables. The rest of the family saw them and decided to make theirs, too.

Paper Family

That’s been one of the fun things, so far – the way everyone else adds to it. Last week, the little kids went fishing for letters.

Fishing for letters

(We printed them from Kiz Club.)

We named each letter as they caught the fish. Later, when Lucy came home from school, we used them for her spelling practice. Then, she and Phoebe started a game where the mommy fish (the uppercase letters) were searching for their baby fish (the lowercase letters). Lucy turned out to be an excellent teacher.

Alphabet maze

Today, our alphabet maze (from Hands On As We Grow) became an alphabet town.

Alphabet town

“Jack, your house is on XYZ lane!” Cool, right?

In addition to our theme, we’ll work on a letter, number, and color or shape each week. I wanted our letters to coincide with Phoebe’s letters of the week at school, so we’re starting with a few weeks of general alphabet introduction until she begins.

We’ve played the Alphabet Monster Game from Little Family Fun.

Feeding the alphabet monster

And we did some Magic Letter Learning (again, from Hands On As We Grow).

Finding hidden letters

And we’re building a book for our letters, numbers, and colors/shapes all year, adding a page to each of them every week.

Our color/shape book is a picture book. Last week’s shape was a circle. We went on a circle hunt, taking pictures of all we could find. Our favorite circle was spotted by Jack – the eyelet on his shoe.

Jack found a circle

That’s the one that went in the book.

I’m pretty excited about what we have going on. I think we’re going to have a fun school year.