I cried when Julia started preschool. When Lucy started preschool, she cried. Today, Phoebe started preschool without a hint of drama.

Phoebe on her first day of preschool

She woke up on time, ate a good breakfast, and happily posed for her official First Day of School photo. She held my hand as we walked in to school and kissed it gently before letting it go, calling goodbye over her shoulder, but never looking back. I left with Jack, feeling content that she was exactly where she should be. When I picked her up, her cheeks scarcely held her grin. “It was amazing,” she said with a gleeful hop. Then she told me about her day.

It was just so…easy. I almost felt guilty about it.

Her sisters were so proud of and excited for her and they did their best to show it. Julia combed her hair for her and gave her a spritz of perfume. Lucy offered advice and a huge “I’m so proud of you” squeeze. I was thankful for that because all it takes is a “meh” from a big sister to crush a kid’s heart.

Sisterly support

But Bee’s heart has never been fuller.