I do my best to start each school day with a hot breakfast for the kids. They love cold cereal, but it doesn’t seem to satisfy them for long. It’s also expensive, so we save that for Saturday. During the week, I like to prepare them something a little more substantial. I’ve started a meal rotation that really seems to be working for us.

We have hot cocoa on Mondays. It’s our special thing. Cocoa Monday! I make french toast and bacon and serve it with fresh fruit. I can whip it up quick while the kids make their drinks.

Tuesdays, it’s a breakfast bake. I assemble it the night before and toss it in the oven when I wake up. Easy!

We have pancake muffins on Wednesdays and baked oatmeal on Thursdays. We vary them by adding different fruits. I love these meals because they are delicious! And I can get up and get them in the oven, take a shower, and they’re ready when I wake everyone else up.

On Friday, we have some version of bacon, eggs, and bread. Usually breakfast sandwiches with english muffins.

I used to think that having the same meals over and again would get boring, but the kids seem to like it better when they know what to expect. They’re not asking for four different breakfasts anymore. I do best when I have a routine. This one allows me extra time to focus on the kids instead of the kitchen and I love that!