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Paint. Swap. Repeat.

Jack and I painted with brushes! We each started on our own paper and then he said, “Mom, let’s switch.” We swapped papers and continued painting. We did this a few times.

Our paint and swap pages.

We painted the moon over the water and the sun over the land.

Sometimes picking the title is the hardest part.

I rolled up to school drop off with my van looking like this.

Driving Purple Poopmobile

We call it our one-eyed, one-horned driving purple poopmobile! It happens each fall that the birds start eating berries and hitting the van with purple bombs. I will wash it today and it will look like that again tomorrow, but people don’t know that and it mostly looks like I just don’t care! This is what happens when you park under a shady tree. I should clean out my garage and park there instead. It’s on my to-do list after clearing the stairway into the attic. I don’t really want to do either of those things. They are things that would make my life easier once I do them, but not so much easier that I’m all that motivated to get on it. There are so many other things I could do!

We have a six year old in the house again.

Phoebe is 6!

Happy Birthday to Bee!

Blowing out the candle

She’s still young enough to get away with running around in nothing but her underwear. The best thing she got for her a birthday? A hungry kitten she and her sister found. The kitten doesn’t belong to any of the neighbors and it’s beginning to look like she belongs to us.

Phoebe and her kitten

Kitten love

Phoebe named her Mabel.

Sweet Mabel

Adorable Mabel

She’s adorable and I can’t even try to pretend that I don’t already love her to pieces.

Julia participated in her first marching band competition over the weekend. When we shared with people that Julia was joining the marching band, more than five people said, “Oh, they win everything.” And they do. They did! Someone incredible made an awesome recap video.

Yes, that’s Julia licking the Best Percussion trophy at the 1:04 mark. She said it tasted like victory.

Oh, the ways you can paint!

Jack and I paint most days as part of our “school at home.” I usually try to tie it in with the letter of the week we’re studying. For example, we painted caterpillars using cups and clothespins and cotton balls for letter C. Here, he is painting fireworks for letter F with a sliced up toilet paper roll.

Painting Fireworks

We’ve painted with our hands and our feet. We’ve painted with bubble wrap, compact discs, balls, balloons, sponges, celery stalks, and toy cars. We have yet to paint with brushes this school year.

Rainbows are visions, but only illusions.

I stayed up way too late last night making rainbow sugar cookies.

Rainbow Sugar Cookies

Do they look like rainbows? They are supposed to look like rainbows. I know I left some colors out, but so did Family Fun Magazine, so I think it’s okay. You still get the essence of rainbow from the abridged version, don’t you? I first tried to make them using a roll-them-into-a-log-and-slice-them technique from this video. I screwed that up, though, and had to start all over which is why I was up so late. My concern is that they look like colorful cookies I cut in half rather than rainbows and who would offer half a cookie? If you don’t think they look like rainbows the answer is me, apparently, because in spite of my doubts, I sent them to school with Phoebe this morning so she could share them with her class for her birthday. She thought they looked like rainbows. I told her to make sure she said that to everyone.


Jack found them satisfactory and I am just not going to worry about it anymore! Instead, I will show you something.

My purse!

That’s my purse. I bought it from Ma Brown Mercantile on Etsy a couple months ago and I love it so much! I have fallen in love with a purse only once before as I’m not really a purse lady. I’ll use one if I have to, but I’d much rather stuff what I need in my pockets and live my life unencumbered. Unless I’m in the middle of a love affair like I am right now! I carry this purse all the time. It’s perfect. And the monogram? Oh, I love my monogram. It’s so symmetrical! And since we’re talking about things I love and bought on Etsy, here is my spare keychain from Different Good.

My spare keychain

It has been living with a key in the spare key spot and I cannot wait for someone to need to use that spare key so I can hand them that keychain and watch their reaction.

Disclosure statement: No one is paying me to blog about these items. I just really love them.

Voted Best All Around

Today is my mother’s birthday.

Today is my mom's birthday.

I made her cupcakes because she is the greatest mom ever.

Guacamole is 4 years old. (It is not her birthday.) That’s 32 in cat years. I looked it up. I had guessed she was around 18 because I took this picture of her today and thought it looked very Senior Picture-esque with her little crossed paws and faraway eyes.


I’m pretty sure I posed exactly like that for one of mine.

Furry Hugs

Furry Hugs

Friday Night Football

Lucy and Phoebe participated in a cheer clinic and were able to cheer with the high school cheerleaders at the game last night. Julia performed with the band.

Biddy Cheer and Band

My guys watched from our reserved seats in the stands.

My favorite guys

My parents were there, too, but they haven’t let me photograph them together in eight years, so there is no photo. I wonder what they’ll say when I tell them what I really want for Christmas is a family portrait?

Happiness is a process.

If you come anywhere near my car, you are likely to hear one of these two songs blaring from the speakers.

Our morning wake-up song, “Move” by Saint Motel

“Love You Madly” by Cake

Or anything by Cake. I really love Cake.

We’re only three weeks into school and we’ve already had a sick kid and five different fundraisers. I went to my first Music Booster meeting where I talked too fast and too much and have stayed very busy worrying that I was accidentally offensive or insensitive or overwhelming or weird. Did you know that Post-Event Rumination is a thing? It is! It is something I do, obviously. I’m not sure when it happened, but I don’t seem to trust myself to talk to people anymore, which is odd when you consider I used to be a public speaker. It was my job to talk to people! Now, I can’t call the school to report my child’s absence without deconstructing the interaction and deciding I did it wrong. I need to work on this.

We’re back to dance classes and story time.

Story Time at the library

Scarves at Story Time

We’re also back to piano. Maybe not Jack. His lessons over the summer went alright, but his first this fall was not a lesson at all as he had fallen asleep on the way and woke up in no mood for piano. I think the fact that his mood can cancel his lesson is a sign that he may not be ready for them and that’s okay. He’ll get there.

The Surprise Pumpkin Patch

I’m an accidental pumpkin farmer! I’d tossed our used pumpkins in the the burn pile last fall. Over the summer, we noticed some odd leaves growing from it. As they started to vine out, we realized they were pumpkins, so we let them grow.

Surprise pumpkins!

Boom! We have pumpkins!

Look!  Pumpkins!

There are a least a dozen fairly large ones.

Big, green pumpkin.  We have at least a dozen this size!

We have the potential to create a kick-ass pumpkin display this year.

Nicknames can be a sign of affection.

The kids love to mess with my phone. That’s one of the reasons it looks like this.

My cracked iPhone screen

And my iPad looks like this.

My cracked iPad screen

That’s my third shattered iPad. The first time it happened, I heard the crash and walked into the room to see “Mom is going to be so mad” through the cracked glass on the Siri screen.

They love to play with Siri, too, asking her silly questions and trying to get her to rap and say “fart.” Oh, and changing my name to Toot Toot, apparently.

Toot Toot?

I discovered it when Julia and I asked a question about Pokemon GO, where they also like to change names.

They change the names of my Pokemon.

It threw me, so I investigated further.

Siri is calling me Toot Toot.  Thanks, kids.

I asked, “What’s my name?”

What's my name?

We laughed for a long time and Julia finally got serious and said, “You can always change it back.” Then she doubled over with laughter, “Toot Toot.”

I don’t think I will.

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