Really, he does.

My cat has a thumb.

Really.  A cat thumb.

I need to stand that cat on a glass table or something and take a picture from underneath so you can truly understand the incredible oddness of Dipper’s paws. First off, obviously, he has thumbs. He has two claws on each thumb – one at the top and one that juts out the side. This gives him a total of six claws on each of his front feet, which are enormous, by the way. They are truly a wonder. And while his thumb isn’t as strong as a human thumb, he is able to grip with it and I find myself daydreaming about all the things we could teach him to do given the fact that he has thumbs. And while we’re talking about oddly gifted and strange cats, let me tell you about Mabel. She loves to climb and has scaled to heights in our house no cat has ever reached and if you know me at all you know we’ve had a shit ton of cats which means I know what I’m talking about when I tell you Mabel is an exceptional climber. She is mesmerized by all the things high up, like the ceiling fans, particularly the pull strings. She sits beneath them and gazes up so often and with such intensity that now and then we have to pick her up and hoist her above us so she can bat them around. I wonder if she believes we put them there especially for her and if so, does she think one day she’ll grow big enough to reach them on her own? Does she think that perhaps we used to have giant cats that played with them?

These are the things I am thinking about when I’m trying not to think about the news. I’ve also been cross-stitching.