I’m not a big selfie person, but I love this one. It’s 55% Dipper.

Dipper and Me

Cats are supposed to have 30 teeth. Katie had 22 when she went to the vet on Monday. She came home with 14. You can see how she feels about that.


That’s actually a significant improvement in her mood. As bad as it must have felt to have 8 teeth pulled, having 8 bad teeth felt worse.

Katie cat

That’s happy Katie who, by the way, is 13 just like Julia will be in one month, which is a teenager. A teenager! Holy shit, folks. HO-LY SHIT. Let’s talk about something else.

I have skin tags. You’ve likely seen them if you’ve ever seen me or searched for skin tags on the internet because there are more than a few websites using my photo.

Even more skin tags!  Ahhhh!

I just happened to stumble upon one of the sites and then did a Google image search. I was surprised to see my neck show up again and again, promoting natural remedy blogs, doctor’s offices, medical sites, and more. I guess I have really great skin tags! But it bothered me that my photo was being used without my permission. I started contacting the webmasters to alert them to their error and ask them to remedy it. So far, everyone I’ve contacted has agreed to take it down, though one had to be asked twice. Some apologized. One even offered to compensate me for the use of the photograph and I like that guy the most.

Okay, haiku time.

two parents, four kids
two ballgames, three dance classes
let’s hope that it rains