Dave and I rented a Ford Mustang and went on a road trip after we got married. We drove from Ohio to southern West Virginia to Niagara Falls, Canada and back to Ohio again. We listened to a lot of Billy Joel on that trip. His was one of a few CDs I’d brought along that Dave actually liked. Not liked. No. LOVED. Dave loves Billy Joel. (If you haven’t seen him sing along to The Downeaster Alexa, you haven’t seen passion and joy in its truest form. It is the tune of his heart.) Since Billy Joel provided our honeymoon soundtrack, I thought it was very romantic when Dave got us tickets to his concert in Cleveland in July at Progressive Field.

Dave and me...and in about an hour, Billy Joel!!!

We didn’t have the best view of the stage or even the screens. Our seats were along the cutoff line where they stopped selling tickets due to the obstructed view, so we were right on the fringe of the crowd with no one to our right at all. We couldn’t see the action on stage so well, but we had plenty of room to move and have fun. And we did!

Billy Joel concert in Cleveland 7/14/17

This was my favorite moment. The crowd singing along to Piano Man (and a sneak peek of Dave).

We spent the night at a fancy hotel downtown, which was lovely except for the creepy clown art in the bathroom. (I should have taken a picture of it to show you. Imagine jumping out of the shower and seeing It stare at you from the across the room.) There was construction going on in front of the hotel and we had to wait half an hour the next day for the valet to bring our car. A valet! For our bird poop covered car with the broken glove box duct taped shut! I told Dave that he should look at them and shout, “What happened?!?” when they drove it up. (He did not do it.) We meandered home the next day, stopping to see The Big Sick in a theater near Akron and for dinner in Canton. We even drove by the old house we’d lived in when we got married. It was such a great trip. Man, I love that guy.