What a way to make a livin’

Dave is brilliant and works hard and he earned a promotion to a new position at work. Yay, Dave! After 17 years of working midnight to noon, he now has a regular day shift job. It’s so normal and that feels crazy! And I am very thankful. I am thankful that Dave worked nights when he did. It was a great setup when the kids were tiny. He was able to be around for things a lot of working parents have to miss. The only thing he was missing was sleep and that was starting to get really, really hard. So, I am thankful Dave started working days when he did. It seemed perfect timing that he was moving to days when all the kids were finally in school. The only thing I miss is having him home on random weekdays. But that’s what days off are for, right? And he gets to work from home now and then, which I love.

The best thing about Dave’s new job is that we get up together in the morning and have breakfast as a family. And we’re all back together again for dinner every evening. There’s no more asking about when he’s coming and going or here, but asleep because his schedule is so wacky. It’s set and certain and that helps when we’re all over the place with the kids and their activities. We go to bed together at night and that makes it much easier to honor a set bedtime, which has always been a struggle for me. It’s all just so ORDINARY. I love it!

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