On foggy mornings, when it’s so thick we can’t see the barn next door or even the ground, I tell the kids to look out the window. “Our house is in the clouds!” Because it’s fun to pretend it is.

I wrote a haiku about it.

our house in the clouds
a giant’s beanstalk castle
on foggy mornings

Sometime, when my windows are cleaner or we finally get rid of the window air conditioners and I can open the upstairs windows easily, and it is foggy, I will take a picture.

We’d removed the window air conditioners once this summer when our central air unit was fixed, finally (after years). Then the freon leaked out which means it needs fixed again, so the window units are back, but not for long because fall is nearly here. And technically the central air wasn’t broken in the first place. It was our electric service panel. It looked brand new on the outside! But, water was leaking in because whoever installed the electric before our house was ours went the route of cheap and/or lazy. Behind that shiny new breaker box was corrosion and decay that hindered the flow of electricity through the house. The air conditioning unit wasn’t getting enough juice to run. It is also why our lights were dim. I’d been worried it was my mood.

Me, at the doctor’s office: “Even my house seems darker, somehow.”

Well, it was! It was also why our well pump quit. We had to get a new service panel, breaker box, electric meter box, this pole thing, and other stuff that made the electric work and our bank account empty, but a little less empty than if we’d replaced the well pump and the air conditioner and whatever else. I am grateful it’s fixed. I am especially grateful for the man who fixed it all. We called him to check out the well pump and he figured it all out. That guy is great.