I’ve been doing this thing called Postcrossing where you send and receive postcards from random people around the world. It’s really fun! I’ve gotten cards from places in the United States, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Ukraine, France, Russia – I got a card from Siberia!

Postcrossing postcards

I’ve sent cards to Germany, Russia, Netherlands, Poland, Japan, Taiwan, Canada, and to some folks in the United States. Here’s how it works: First, you request an address and send a card. When that person receives it and registers it, another random person will receive your address and send you a postcard.

I thought getting the postcards would be cool and that the kids would really enjoy seeing them, too. And it is and they do. Lucy even set up her own account. But I think sending them may be my favorite part! I love shopping for postcards and finding the right one to send. I’ve come across the best postcards at KatieAbeyDesign. The motivational cards. The Freddie Mercury puns. The cat legends! I am awaiting that very special someone to send Purrince to!

So far, I’ve sent 11 postcards that have been registered (there are 4 or 5 more in transit out there somewhere) and I’ve received 11 postcards. There are people out there who have been doing this for years and have sent and received thousands! It’s incredible! This little postcard project has been an easy way to make a connection and share a little happiness. We can always use more of those things.