My mom is 60 today. I’d gone searching for a baby picture of her to show the kids. They can’t wrap their heads around the idea that she was once a baby. I haven’t found the picture I was looking for yet, but I did find my favorite photo of my mom and me.

My favorite picture of mom and me.

I also found my mom’s birth announcement. (That’s my grandma’s handwriting. Sixty years later, it still looks the same.)

My mom's birth announcement

And I found an awesome newspaper clipping from when my mom was 13.

Newspaper clipping about my mom from 1971

She’s still a horror movie fan. Here we are getting ready to watch It at the movie theater last weekend.

Mom and I went to see It. We made sure to go during the day because we knew it'd be scary. It did not disappoint!

My mom is just about the best person I know. I am grateful that I get to see her every day. And I’m glad to have her genes. She doesn’t look 60 by a long shot.