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Meet Phoebe


Dave here, subbing for the new mother of three who has her hands full of our new little girl at the moment.


Of course, when we arrived at the hospital this morning — she admitted she was scared to death. Not about getting cut open from hip to hip again, but rather it was the spinal block she would receive before the procedure.

Needless to say, having four unsuccessful attempts at getting an IV started before finally accomplishing the feat did not exactly start off her day like she hoped.


Alas, it only took TWO mis-pokes by the anesthesia trainee before to the real deal took over and perform the procedure to perfection to calm Leslie’s ever-increasing anxiety. But it was worth it, because at 7:44am EST, Phoebe John Grimmett came into the world.


Coming in at 8 pounds, 3 ounces and at 19 inches, the doctors must have been feeling pretty confident that she was a healthy child, because they actually let my hold her…


Either that or they felt if I was going to drop her, what better place to do it than right by the operation room?

After our successful photo shoot, baby and me made our way over to see Mommy, who even though she was still getting everything put back in place – was overjoyed to see our new addition.



I am proud to announce that both Leslie and Phoebe are doing wonderfully. Leslie has been on her feet less that five hours after her surgery, Phoebe has had her first bowel movement and I have gotten to change the first dirty diaper.

Leslie and I want to thank all of you for your words of encouragement throughout this pregnancy. It means so much to us to be able to share it with you.

The Promise

I made a promise,
To come up with a haiku
So that she could sleep.

That was long ago,
She is in her deep slumber,
And I sit here blank.

Just words on a screen.
Yet it means so much to me
To keep that promise.

Another One Gets The Bug

The bug is spreading,
Julia is all better,
But Mommy is not.

The little 24-hour bug is hitting us one by one and it looks like today is Leslie’s day. She has been working her butt off – Overworking actually – so this could be a small blessing is disguise for her to take it easy for a day or two.

She’s Almost Home

The kids are sleepy,
Excited for tomorrow
To see Mom again.

It’s The Missing That Hurts

Watching the clock tick,
Each moment that passes is
One closer to you.

Most everything,
Is so empty without you.
Sadness in the air.

We are getting by.
The kids are clean and fed.
Just waiting for you.

Please do not worry.
Be ready when you get home,
Hugs and kisses wait.

Dave here doing a substitude Haiku for Leslie who is on location at BlogHer ’09 in Chicago. Here’s hoping she not having TOO much of a good time. We need her back here in one piece!

Missing My Girls

Tonight I’m alone.
They are in another state –
And my poor heart aches.

Dave here filling in for Leslie as she attends a baby shower in PA. I’m sad being away from all of my girls.

Lucy John Grimmett

Lucy was born at 7:52am weighing a surprising 9 lbs 6 oz and measuring 19 inches. Both Leslie and the baby are doing great – Daddy on the other hand…




Click over to My Grimm Reality for more Lucy pics!

A Mother’s Day Poem

When Daddy asked me about your gift
I did not know what to say.
What do you give someone,
Who gives so much everyday?

We whispered when you weren’t looking
And came up with this plan.
To show how much you mean to us,
And to love you all we can.

We spent hours in deliberation,
Going over our delicate ploy.
Wanting…hoping for something you’d like,
And would fill your heart with joy.

We wanted to get something special,
Something you’ve never had before.
Something you could place up high,
Something you could adore.

We thought about a vacation,
A trip to a beach of golden sand.
Maybe a cruise upon the ocean,
Or visit a canyon so grand.

I asked Daddy, “What about diamonds,
Like in the Twinkle, Twinkle song?”
He said your eyes are brighter than stars,
And with you we both belong.”

I worried that we would spend too much,
But Daddy said not to dwell.
He said your love is priceless,
And no wealth could make him sell.

Our gift is not that glamourous,
No fancy paper, ribbons or bows.
Just the knowledge that we love you,
And each day it forever grows.

We hope you like our little gift,
And it makes you want to smile.
Just like life we will not quit,
Till we go the extra mile.

Daddy & Julia

All Work And No Play…Gives Me Ulcers

A few years prior to meeting Leslie, my life was mundane to say the least. At that time, I really did not have a very high esteem of myself and likewise felt that other people had similar opinions about me. Things that I had used to do, I quit. Places that I used to go, I stopped. People that I used to see, I lost touch. In fact, I unintentionally did everything I could to become a hermit in my own apartment. Sure, I would occasionally go to the supermarket to pick up groceries or maybe rent a video now and then, but I rarely made eye contact with anyone and kept to myself. It seemed that the more time I was alone, the more I convinced myself that I always would be.

To further complicate things, I increased my workload at my job – taking on more projects and assignments to keep whatever free time I had to a minimum. This in turn would make me more fatigued, causing me to need more rest and therefore causing me to become even more of a recluse. Before long, my daily routine consisted of just work and sleep with an occasional bite to eat somewhere in there and a shower if time permitted. Family members who called to check up on me had more conversations with my answering machine than they did with the real person. Gradually, I let my work take control of more and more of my life until it seemed I had become a mindless drone that could not tell one day from the other.

I feel it nearly killed me.

Things changed drastically when I met Leslie for the first time. Her personality was refreshing, her eyes were enticing and her smile cleared the cobwebs of my tunnel vision. She helped me remember all of things that had made me happy and by her doing them with me, made them all the better. She gave me the nudge that woke me from my work-induced coma and helped me realize that there is so much to enjoy in life. Leslie managed to get past all of the defenses I had built up over the years and helped improve my dismal, hub drub attitude about myself. Little did we know, that she would be that missing piece that balanced my life completely.

Work is an unfortunate necessity for most people, but you cannot let it run your life. There must be a harmony between your personal life and your business life for you to be happy and successful at both. Too many times people may unknowingly tilt to one side only to face hectic, unfavorable situations as a result. Don’t be afraid to assess your ‘work / personal life’ balancing act frequently to help prevent becoming a mindless workaholic zombie like I was. Never put off doing the things that make you happy, because by doing so, it makes it easier to keep putting it off additional times – until finally you forget about them altogether. Life is a wonderful thing and your job is but a small part of it – do not let these smaller pieces ruin the whole.

Her Superhero

Last night something happened that made me feel like on top of the world. Something that made me feel like Superman, The Hulk and the X-Men all rolled into one. Something that made me feel like I had climbed the highest mountain or crossed the hottest desert. And it all come from my little girl.

Julia had a nightmare last night and was whimpering half-asleep as we lay in bed. I offered her my arm to lay on, something which I have done plenty of times in the past but had been quickly rebuffed due to what I thought was lack of comfort. Surprisingly, she accepted, curled up in my arm, then grabbed my other hand and held it close to her in a death grip. Then, as she drifted back off to dreamland, she quietly said,

“I love you daddy.”

I was beaming and my chest was swelled with joy. Usually when Julia has problems of any kind – she wants her mommy, even if daddy is more available. Daddy is merely there for her amusement and personal plaything. Someone to jump on, to wrestle with or ride horsey on. Last night was different. Not once did she ask for her mommy in her time of need. Daddy was there to help her and she let me.

Let me tell you, lying there with my arms curled up around her, protecting her from whatever evils that may have upset her, I got that same feeling I got when she was just a tiny baby and I was her guardian from the world. I guess since she has been growing up so fast I have felt a little unneeded as she would snub many opportunities for me to help to be with her mommy.

Last night I felt needed. Last night I felt depended upon. Last night I was reminded what being a father is all about.

And even if she doesn’t want to sleep on my arm ever again, I will always remember that she will need her daddy. Even if she doesn’t always show it.

And although I may not have awesome super powers or some mutant ability, I know that to her, I am her hero.

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