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Imagine Bananarama singing, “It’s a hai-ku summer.”

Summer Vacation:  Day One

summer vacation
day one: I mowed and they played
we all got some sun

This morning was so beautiful, I wrote a haiku.

I wish I had a picture to go with it. The earth was at her best in my neck of the woods this morning. It was glorious.

fresh sunny morning
after a night of spring rain
the world new, washed clean

I mowed some grass this week and that means it is spring, folks. (My blog has hibernated most of the winter.) It was warm enough today to resume our Friday picnics at the park. (I’m not sure if I mentioned them before. The littles and I started having them when school began last fall.) Jack was sick at home with Dave today, though, so Phoebe was the rare lone kid with my mom and me.

Phoebe at the park

She was friendly with all she encountered, be it child, dog, or man. But mostly she relished two hours of undivided attention. She’d call, “Follow me!” And we would. Then, “Stop!” And we would. “Watch me!” We did. She jumped, skipped, played and told incredible stories. I wrote another haiku.

skipping rock to rock
Van Morrison sings, “You’re my…
she smiles…brown-eyed girl”

The requisite NaBloPoMo post about how I’m eeking through NaBloPoMo.

nine minutes to go
no time for a good blog post
damn nablopomo

Saturday night is haunting me.

getting older means
you pay for a wild weekend
for the whole next week

getting older means
too much caffeine late one night
is a wild weekend

Julia has piano on Thursdays.

I look for errands
to run after piano
to spend time with her

You know, the kid who growls at everyone.

Captain Jack

Kids say hi. He roars.
“He’s being a dinosaur.”
I have to explain.

(He’s actually being a pirate in the picture.)

We are still a napping house.

My napping baby

he’s growing so fast
but when he sleeps I can see
he’s still a baby

My Hostas

I’d bought all they had
at the town Farmer’s Market
a plant I can’t kill!

Plants I can't kill (hostas)

Now, four years later
8 plants become 24
hostas all around!

Hostas all around

Poking through the dirt
as hopeful as a promise
can’t wait till they bloom

Poking through the dirt

Flashback! About four years ago. The kid in the picture? IS SEVEN TODAY!

Two Things

First, a haiku.

A frustrating day!
I did a bunch of stuff, but
accomplished nothing.

Second, a link.

You Don’t Have To Be Pretty (And Other Advice For Daughters.)*

*Thanks to Veronica for sharing this with me.

I’ve got a date with my DVR!

it’s Sunday night so
put the kids to bed early
to start the week fresh
The Walking Dead’s on

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