Captain Jack

Kids say hi. He roars.
“He’s being a dinosaur.”
I have to explain.

(He’s actually being a pirate in the picture.)

My napping baby

he’s growing so fast
but when he sleeps I can see
he’s still a baby

My Hostas

by Leslie

I’d bought all they had
at the town Farmer’s Market
a plant I can’t kill!

Plants I can't kill (hostas)

Now, four years later
8 plants become 24
hostas all around!

Hostas all around

Poking through the dirt
as hopeful as a promise
can’t wait till they bloom

Poking through the dirt

Flashback! About four years ago. The kid in the picture? IS SEVEN TODAY!

Two Things

by Leslie

First, a haiku.

A frustrating day!
I did a bunch of stuff, but
accomplished nothing.

Second, a link.

You Don’t Have To Be Pretty (And Other Advice For Daughters.)*

*Thanks to Veronica for sharing this with me.

it’s Sunday night so
put the kids to bed early
to start the week fresh
The Walking Dead’s on

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