Two Things

by Leslie

First, a haiku.

A frustrating day!
I did a bunch of stuff, but
accomplished nothing.

Second, a link.

You Don’t Have To Be Pretty (And Other Advice For Daughters.)*

*Thanks to Veronica for sharing this with me.

it’s Sunday night so
put the kids to bed early
to start the week fresh
The Walking Dead’s on

I eat cookie dough
stored in the basement freezer
laundry’s my cover

Freckle Faces

by Leslie


freckles are footprints
left behind by night fairies
dancing in the dark



by Leslie

check engine light’s on
I have two bills to pay, but
the money for one

the sink is leaking
the grass is getting high, but
the mower’s broken

my heart has no room
for worry just now, because

My boy, Jack

it’s filled up with love