Mabel in a basket


Are you on the table?

Mabel, Mabel Basket on the table


Mabel in a basket on the table

I am in the basket.

The Dab

by Leslie

How Julia reacted when the band qualified for State Marching Band Finals

It’s what the kids do when they win all the trophies at the Maysville Band-A-Palooza competition and qualify for State Marching Band Finals.

Julia and the band's trophies from Saturday's Band-A-Palooza competition in Maysville

The trophies are for:
Best Percussion
Best Auxiliary
Class B First Place
Class B/C Overall Marching
Class B/C Overall Music
Class B/C Grand Champion
They also tied with Northridge for Class B/C Overall General Effect.

They only thing they didn’t win was the ice cream eating contest.

Today, I found out what happens when an American cheese slice goes through the dryer. It’s not good, not good at all.

This is Rico standing with some of my surprise pumpkins!

Rico the Nubbin and my surprise pumpkins

She has no tail. She used to, but she lost it over the summer. I’m not sure what happened, but she showed up one day with it nearly gone. (Sort of like Max.) I took her to the vet and they amputated it. I’ve started calling her Nubbin.

Today, I made three dozen cupcakes. They’re mostly for the marching band’s lunch at their competition tomorrow.

Trying to be orange icing cupcake

I wanted the icing to be orange but was out of my orange gel color, so I had to use regular food coloring. I wasn’t sure the color was bold enough, so I asked Lucy what she thought. She said, “It looks like it’s really trying to be orange.” At least it’s trying.

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