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Another cake or two, another cat.

This is a cake configuration I call Bunny in a Carrot Patch. (Thanks to inspiration from here and here.)

Bunny in a Carrot Patch

You know, for Easter, or rather an Easter party which the cake attended without me because Phoebe and Jack were sick.

And here’s the cat.


He is aptly named Spooky. He spent his first days with us in hiding. We were able to lure him out with tuna and now he’s rooming with Julia until he gains the confidence to take on the rest of us. He belongs to Haylee, Julia’s best friend since Kindergarten who moved about 1,000 miles away last weekend. He is the balm for our broken hearts. We all love Haylee. She’s like a member of the family.

The kids in the photo booth at Cosi with Haylee

She and Julia have been friends for eight years. They made a cake to celebrate that their last weekend together before the move.

Julia and Haylee's 8 year Friendiversary

We made Haylee a blanket with this photo collage on it for a going away gift.

Haylee's blanket collage

And we’re keeping Spooky to give her one more reason to come back and visit us now and then.

A Birthday Interview and Two Cakes

My boy is four today! I thought we’d celebrate it here with an interview.

Jack, how old are you? Four.

What is your favorite thing to do? Everything.

Who do you like to spend time with? You.

What is your favorite food? Fruit Snacks.

What are you good at? Racing.

What is your favorite thing to play with? Blaze and Hot Wheels and Dino Trucks.

What makes you laugh? Falling down.

What makes you cry? Slapping and punching.

What is your favorite song? True Colors.

What is your favorite book? The Book with No Pictures (by B.J. Novak)

What is one hard thing you have done? Mario Kart

What is something new you’d like to do? Drive a real car.

What is the best thing about being four? Getting presents.

Jack is four!

I made Jack a cake for this birthday, as I do.

Jack's Blaze Birthday Cake

The first layer is a tasty tire. Fondant flames lick up the second layer toward a toy Blaze on top. Yes, those are supposed to be flames. Okay, I know I didn’t exactly nail the flames, but the kid liked them. And I didn’t have time to fuss because Lucy is running for class president and requested a cake to take to school for her constituents today, too.

Lucy's Vote Cake

She came up with the design. She said she hopes it is good enough to get her elected. I said that I hoped she didn’t really believe a cake could get her elected. And then I imagined her bursting out of school in tears screaming she lost and blaming it on my stupid cake. Dave carried the cake in to her class this morning for her. He reported that there were already three or four giant boxes of doughnuts asking for votes. Maybe her Lucy for President pencils will cut through the white noise of baked goods. At least they’ll last beyond the sugar buzz and until the election on Thursday. She also has stickers. We’ll see what happens.

Voted Best All Around

Today is my mother’s birthday.

Today is my mom's birthday.

I made her cupcakes because she is the greatest mom ever.

Guacamole is 4 years old. (It is not her birthday.) That’s 32 in cat years. I looked it up. I had guessed she was around 18 because I took this picture of her today and thought it looked very Senior Picture-esque with her little crossed paws and faraway eyes.


I’m pretty sure I posed exactly like that for one of mine.

You would think I make cupcakes because I like to eat them, which I do, but I actually like to share them even more!

I made cupcakes for Lucy’s school fundraiser yesterday.

Cupcakes for the fundraiser!

I packed them all up beautifully, thanks to this post about packaging cupcakes at Much Kneaded, and then re-read the call for donations of cookies and brownies. NOT CUPCAKES! I donated them anyway and no one was sad about it.

Then I made some for our family.

And a cupcake for ME!

They came in handy this morning when I needed something with which to bribe Jack so he’d put on his dance costume for picture day, which he did. He even smiled.

Sugar + Milk + Egg + Wheat

Today is Julia’s eleventh birthday. Since she’s all about Minecraft, I decided to make her a Minecraft cake, like the one you can make on the game.

Julia's Minecraft Cake for her 11th birthday

Nice and simple. It’s a block! Easy. And it might have been if I’d followed my usual method: make the fondant and bake and frost the cakes the day before, assemble and decorate them after the kids go to bed that night. But I didn’t do it this way. Instead, I set out to baking after the kids went to bed. After two trips to the store for forgotten items, I actually began around 1 a.m. I ended up trying to assemble and decorate after breakfast (and very little sleep) this morning with a whole lot of help from Jack. The truth is, when it comes to cakes, something “simple,” like a block, is actually pretty damn hard to get just right. Also, Jack’s help is best suited for a moon cake. He makes crazy good craters with his pokey fingers.

But, I got it done – along with cupcakes for Julia share at her softball game tonight.

Minecraft cupcakes

The cool kids will know what they are.


Jack is 2

Can you believe it?

Jack is 2!

Two years old. If you ask him, he’ll tell you he’s five. He likes five a lot. But he turned two yesterday and, for a moment, we’re all even. Jack is 2, Bee is 4, Lucy is 6, Julia is 10, I’m 38, and Dave is 42.

Jack’s favorite part of his birthday was singing the birthday song and blowing out his candle. He practiced all day for the big event and relived it again and again after.

I made him a Peppa Pig cake.

Jack's Peppa Pig Birthday Cake

He ate George.

Dave is another year older, officially.

He told me he’s getting too old to wear baseball caps. But he’s not too old for a baseball birthday cake!

(Side question: When are you too old for a baseball birthday cake? Answer: Never.)

Dave's birthday cupcakes

Okay, technically it is not a baseball cake. Rather, it is a baseball cupcake configuration. It’s a ball in a glove, so saith Pinterest.

Dave may be feeling old, but he doesn’t seem like it to me. Our home is at its liveliest when he’s around. He’s always up for a game or wrestling with the kids. We laugh so much. He’s fun. He makes me feel young.

Dave and the kids on his 42nd birthday

He’s made a simple life feel like an adventure. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Lucy is 6!

She woke up to balloons.

Lucy is 6!

And birthday greetings.

Happy Birthday, Lucy!

“I have so many special things,” she smiled.

"I have so many special things!"

After a day at school and piano class, we celebrated with cake.

Blowing out the candle

And a round of her new HedBanz Game.

Playing Hedbanz

It was a happy birthday for my sweet girl.

My six year old

The world is a better place with her in it.

A girl I love is turning six tomorrow.

I made inside and out rainbow cupcakes for her to share with her friends at school. These are the prettiest three.

Lucy's 6th birthday cupcakes

Let us assume the rest look as good as this, if not better!

This is the one I took a bite of –

Inside Lucy's 6th birthday cupcakes

– for quality control purposes and also so you could see what the inside of the cupcakes look like.


Jack turned ONE on Friday. (And he had his picture taken by the lovely Lacey Bright.)

Jack is one!

He is the handsomest guy I’ve ever seen.

Handsomest boy in the world

I am completely in love with him.

My superman

I am grateful every day to be his mom.

Smash cake!

He got to smash a Superman cake up at his photo session, and again at home.

Jack's First Birthday Cakes

(I made him one of his very own.)

Birthday boy

I'll take that


Yes, this is mine

Pat pat



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