We went around the room and introduced ourselves and our children at Story Time today at the library. I was the only mother there with her child, the rest were grandmas. And Jack was the only littlest brother, the rest were the firstborns of their families or had new babies in their homes. All of those big brothers and sisters were smaller than Jack, my baby.

My baby boy

I’ve been used to having little kids, but even my littles aren’t so much anymore. With potty training started and only months of breastfeeding left, motherhood is starting to look different.

Captain Jack

Kids say hi. He roars.
“He’s being a dinosaur.”
I have to explain.

(He’s actually being a pirate in the picture.)

He rolls the cube.

What's the weather? Game cube

If it comes up snowy, we toss some cotton balls around. Windy? Switch on the fan! Our camping lantern provides sunny conditions. A spray bottle makes the rain.

It's raining!

His favorite weather is stormy. We crank up the fan, flicker the light, bang a cookie sheet with a spatula, and go crazy with the spray bottle.

He loves this game!

He also had fun jumping over and on construction paper puddles today. Since we’re working on name recognition and spelling, I added our pictures and names to each puddle.

All set for a rain game

He put on his rain boots and I gave him an umbrella.

Jumping on construction paper puddles

He’d shout the name on the puddle and then jump!

Can you find the puddle with your name?



And we’d sing J-A-C-K-S-O-N to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb every time he jumped on his name.

I’ve really been missing my Phoebe while she’s at school, but I am grateful for this time with Jack. So far, so fun – for everyone.

Summer was sweet.

by Leslie

Jack and the blue popsicle.

Grimmershot kids.

Absolute adorableness.

Total cuteness.

The girls.

We’ve started a family gratitude journal that we all scribble in after dinner. And day after day, the names that accompany these faces…

Our crew

…are written, over and again.

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