Pink and purple!

Pink and purple!


Just the ends.

What? Wait. No. Julia’s hair is just too dark. We gave her a few streaks, but the blue was nearly imperceptible to the naked eye and couldn’t not be caught on camera at all. So instead, we lightened her tips and colored it salmon.

Colored tips!

We’ll give the blue another try later.

We’ve started a family gratitude journal that we all scribble in after dinner. And day after day, the names that accompany these faces…

Our crew

…are written, over and again.

There are twelve weeks of summer vacation. Display that on a giant calendar beside a list of all the stuff you want to cram on it and it doesn’t seem like a very long time. Week one is already gone! We spent it making cookies, planting flowers, building tents, and playing in the yard at home, at ball fields, playgrounds, and Tuscora Park with our best friends. Also, there were fireworks.

Teeter Totter


Riding the rides at Tuscora Park

Kelsey and Jack

All of us on the train

Jack makes a friend


Summer vacation began this afternoon in the usual way – with the balloon wreath dart game. This year, in addition to candy treats, I had mystery bags o’ goodies that included small items like these fake mustaches.



Most days, when I dropped the kids off at school this year, I would sing to them as they exited the car that I hoped they had a “super-fantastic ultra-terrific, the most amazing day!” We’re expecting no less this summer.

It began on Friday with the dance recital.

Recital Ready

Julia tumbled.

Julia's 2015 Dance Picture

Phoebe tapped and plie’d.

Phoebe's 2015 Dance Picture

And after a four year break, Lucy returned to the stage for her second-ever dance performance.

Lucy's 2015 Dance Picture

You’ll have to ask Dave how it went. Since I’d been to rehearsal and seen the show already, I agreed to be the one to remove Jack should he become a distraction, which he did. We walked the lobby, my boy and I, where he acted as host to all the other restless children that stopped by. He’d say hello, show them the water fountain, invite them to play. And for the first time in eight years, Dave saw a show.

The piano recital happened on Sunday.

Mr. Palmer, Julia and Lucy

Lucy played London Bridge.

Lucy's Spring Piano Recital

Julia played the first movement of Beethoven’s Sonatina in G Major.

Julia's Spring Piano Recital

And Dave listened from the hallway with Jack.

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