Jack isn’t feeling well. He’s got a sore throat and a cough.

Jack has a sore throat and cough

At first glance, this picture doesn’t appear to demonstrate that. However, you should consider that this was happening next to him.

Painting her feet

Painting her hands

Painting "creeping steps"


Jump painting!

And he didn’t want to participate.

But watching this kid –

Painted feet

– sure made him feel better.

Apple Peanut Butter Smile



I was spreading the quilt over the bed when Phoebe noticed dust dancing in the early morning sunlight coming through the window.

*Cue “Morning Has Broken” by Cat Stevens*

“Look at that,” she gasped, watching with wonder as she passed her hand through it.

“Shoo! Shoo!” Jackson giggled, waving his hands wildly at the particles.

I smiled at them, remembering the joy both Lucy and Julia experienced when they first discovered the “fairies.”

“I know what these are, Mom,” she said solemnly.

“You do?”

“They’re the dust people.”

“The dust people,” I repeated.

“They take you through the portal to the place where you’re dead.”

*record scratch*

Snow Day Rules

by Leslie

1. Sleep in.

Jack and Julia

2. Stay in your pajamas.


3. Play in the snow.

Snow day!

(Under their snow clothes, they are still wearing pajamas.)

Snow Angel

4. Do whatever else you want, in your pajamas, of course.

Proud can stacker

We’d planned to do a melty crayon craft while Jack napped, Bee and I, but he never napped. I repeat, NEVER NAPPED. A not-napped Bub and hot wax is a recipe for disfigurement, so we decided we’d better do something else. Since a not-napped Bub is also an ornery, needful, and very particular sort of man, our aim was to use the craft to distract and delight him.

Behold, the cardboard box train.

Bee the Engineer in her train

The ingredients to make this cardboard box train include a cardboard box leftover from Christmas, duct tape, construction paper, more duct tape, a bit of rope, imagination, and oh, duct tape.

Bee and Chase in the train

Bee was excited to show it off for the camera, but also to play with Chase from Paw Patrol.

Bee plays with Chase in a train

Soon, she left the train behind.

Bee plays with Chase

Jack got in.

Jack the Engineer

This reminded Bee that she wanted to be in the train. So, we invited her to hop in a caboose made lovingly and with great haste and enthusiasm by Julia.

Jack the Engineer and Bee who would much rather be the engineer

This did not make her happy and she expressed it. Jack responded. Then the train went away for a while. But now it is back and loved supremely.

I have a few more cardboard boxes lying around. What should we make next?