I went on my first preschool field trip last month. Both Julia and Lucy took field trips in preschool, but Dave ended up being the one to go along to them. So, I was pretty excited for the chance to go along with Phoebe and her school to McPeek’s Mighty Corn Maze.

Mommy and Phoebe on a hay ride

The maze had a dinosaur theme.

Dinosaur Corn Maze

Phoebe was on the lookout for dinosaurs the whole time.

One the maze bridge

We had a great time, my Bee and me.

All a Flutter

by Leslie

We love butterflies. We’ve watched ’em grow and let ’em go lots of times. In July, we had the chance to visit a traveling butterfly exhibit and spent some time in a butterfly house.

Julia at the butterfly exhibit

We were able to get a close view of them by offering q-tips dipped in watermelon juice.

Jack and the butterfly

The butterflies landed right on them for a drink.

Phoebe and the butterfly

There were so many different kinds in all colors and sizes.

Lucy and the butterfly

Everyone wanted to catch a Monarch.

Julia and the butterfly

And everyone did.


We also made crafts, had our faces painted, and enjoyed a picnic lunch.

Lucy and her butterfly craft

We will definitely be going back next year.

Bee the Flower


by Leslie

I’ve read I Love You the Purplest to the kids countless times and it always leads them to ask me what color I love each of them.

Phoebe is yellow.

Phoebe in yellow

Jumping girl

See saw, up and down, in the air and on the ground

Earlier this year, I wrote about the color yellow “as if it were a person.” I don’t know how well I fulfilled that writing prompt, but when I wrote this, I was thinking about my moon-bright Bee.

I am bright as a promise. I am as light as a giggle. I am warm and joyful, like a new mother’s love.

I wake cheerful in the daffodil’s teacup blossoms each spring and blaze in summer sunflowers. I dance through the trees as autumn falls and throws me like a blanket over the farmer’s fields.

You’ll find me in the heart of a daisy, the flicker of a firefly, the sparkle of a twinkle, twinkle little star. I radiate from polished petals, splashing under a chin declaring, “Yes, you do like butter!”

I was the first pick for Post-It Notes. I’m the original highlighter. I pop from corn kernels. Bananas wear me like smiles.

I bloom bold in ragged dandelion manes. I burst crisp and fresh in lemonade stand pitchers. I glory in waxy crayon circle suns emanating straight, deliberate rays.

I am faith in a brick road. I am hope in a ribbon around a tree. I am optimism in the light of a new day.

Phoebe’s Five

by Leslie

Phoebe turned five on a busy weekday at the end of September. We celebrated with gifts and cake.

Phoebe on her 5th birthday

Phoebe's 5th Birthday Cake

And also the distribution of invitations to her party at the pumpkin patch the following weekend.

Phoebe's Pumpkin Patch Party Invitations

That’s right, those are 3D invitations. I made them from a paper pumpkin tutorial at Tally’s Treasury and filled them with candy. I made leaves that included all the party information, including this little ditty I came up with, but neglected to photograph:

Come for a hayride, a corn maze, and a petting zoo.
We’ll roast hot dogs at the bonfire and have birthday cake, too!
Stay as long as you like, there’s even more to do.
And when you go home, you’ll take a pumpkin with you!

Having your party on a day other than your birthday is the greatest thing because you get to celebrate twice. Unless you are five. In that case, it’s just torture. For eight full days it was NOT the party day. And when finally it was, it was cold and raining. We thought about rescheduling. We called the pumpkin patch people and texted our guests and because people are kind and our friends are the best ever, we had the party as scheduled in the barn.

Phoebe at her 5th birthday party

Phoebe and friends at her 5th birthday party

Phoebe and her friends having fun at her 5th birthday party

And if you ask Phoebe about that day, she won’t even mention the rain, because she was having too much fun to notice it.

We made the Halloween costumes this year. I’d love to tell you it was due to some high-minded ideal, but really it was because it was a great way to save some money. I’m happiest when I’m making things, so it was fun putting them together and the kids were all pleased with what they wore.

Phoebe was a cat.

Phoebe the Cat

Lucy was a bat.

Lucy the Bat

Julia was a creeper.

Julia the Creeper

And Jack was a dinosaur.

Jack the Dinosaur

Ready to Trick or Treat

And I was happy.

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