It snowed yesterday and school was cancelled. It was also cancelled today, but today was bitterly cold and so we played Just Dance and Exploding Kittens. Yesterday, however, it was only just cold enough to snow and so we played in that snow. And here are what about five seconds of that fun looked like.

First Snow Day of the Year

After the snowball throw



Jack and Julia

“It’s snowing on the van!”

“Mom! It’s snowing on Daddy’s car!”

“It’s snowing on the play set!”

She had to go out and play in it!

A cold Bee

She lasted about as long as it took me to make her hot cocoa.

We made our gingerbread houses with graham crackers this year and I think we’ll be doing it this way from now on. We’d always used a kit before, but everyone loved designing their own home. And no one ran out of icing or decorations.

Gingerbread Houses!

Dave was gone for work when we put them together, so we sent him a photo of each house and asked him to guess the builder for each one.

Julia and her gingerbread house

Phoebe and her gingerbread house

Lucy and her gingerbread house

Jack and his gingerbread house

Maybe next time we’ll make a giant house!

This year marks our tenth Grimmett Family Christmas Countdown. We did our first one in 2006. We had just moved into our house, Julia was two and a half and the only child. Our countdown has evolved over the years. Lucy, Phoebe, and Jack have never known Christmas without it. Since last year’s was pretty great, we didn’t change anything, we just added to it.

Here’s our Countdown Corner.

Christmas Countdown Corner

I picked up a $1 advent calendar at Aldi for each of the kids. We’d done them a few years ago and they missed them last year, so they’re back because we cannot get enough chocolate in our lives.

The Santa sack is filled with wrapped books. We open one and read it each night.

Reading a Christmas book

Then, we put a cotton ball on Santa’s beard. (This is where you can find Santa‚Äôs Beard Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar Free Printable we’re using.)

Santa Beard Christmas Countdown

And – this is new for us – we add pieces to the Lego Christmas Tree we’re building.

Lego Christmas Tree

Lego has some amazing advent calendar building kits, but I wanted each of the kids to be able to do it and we all weren’t up for a big kit just yet. So I bought this little LEGO Christmas Tree and divided the instructions into 24 steps. Each day we open an envelope with one step of the instructions and the corresponding pieces and add them on.

Finally, we open a packet containing a piece of candy for each of the kids and a slip of paper with an activity on it, like “wear whipped cream Santa beards and drink hot cocoa.”

Whipped cream Santa beard, er, mustache

Or “visit the Christmas store and buy an ornament for the tree.”

Visiting the Christmas Store

Or “Elf Yourself.”

Our "Elf Yourself" creations

And on it goes until Christmas. CHRISTMAS!

Putting on Shows

by Leslie

I made Phoebe mad recently. She took my phone and recorded herself crying and gave it to me as a memento of her sadness, and also my meanness because “look what you did, Mom.”

Phoebe records herself crying to remind me that I am mean and do not let her do anything she wants

I asked her if I could share it with you and she was delighted for you to witness her suffering. Somehow I think we’ll be recalling this video one day when she’s accepting an Oscar or getting arrested for her performance art.

The kid loves to put on a show. Last night, she stood on a chair at the dinner table and asked for our attention so she could sing a song that she gleefully introduced as, “Mom’s gonna hate this!”

Her favorite thing right now is dance class. She got to be a Nutcracker Bon Bon in our studio’s Holiday Show.

My Bon Bon

Julia performed as well – her last in tumbling as she’s now moved to jazz.

Julia's last tumbling performance

Lucy tumbled, too.

Lucy with her flowers after her holiday show performance

Phoebe also chose to ride in a Christmas parade with her friends from dance last Friday.

Phoebe on the Melody & Motion float at the New Philadelphia Christmas Parade

Saturday, Lucy rode and sang in another Christmas parade with the Tuscarawas Philharmonic Children’s Chorus.

Lucy sings with the Tuscarawas Philharmonic Children's Chorus at the Dover Christmas Parade

She has a Christmas concert this Saturday. Julia will be playing drums in her first school band concert on Sunday. And this is a typical scene at our house (including the banana peel on the coffee table).

Feliz Navidad

All the shows. All for me, their ever-loving and enduring audience.

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