Egg carton goggles

(We made these on Thursday from a paper egg carton. All our goggles started to rip a bit in the center, so I reinforced them with a brad fastener. If you’re in need of a pair yourself, I think a foam egg carton might make sturdier goggles.)

Jack isn’t feeling well. He’s got a sore throat and a cough.

Jack has a sore throat and cough

At first glance, this picture doesn’t appear to demonstrate that. However, you should consider that this was happening next to him.

Painting her feet

Painting her hands

Painting "creeping steps"


Jump painting!

And he didn’t want to participate.

But watching this kid –

Painted feet

– sure made him feel better.

Apple Peanut Butter Smile



There isn’t a bit of clothing on him that didn’t belong to someone else first – from his thrift store coat to his sister’s old pink boots.

Jack in the snow

He doesn’t seem to mind at all. (For now.)

School was closed yesterday and again today, and Dave has been off work to enjoy it with us.

I made pancake men for a late and leisurely breakfast.

Lucy and her Pancake Man

We did the melty crayon craft and hung our artwork in the front living room window.


On display

Our plans for today include a jigsaw puzzle.