Saturday was Julia’s seventh?

Julia at her seventh Ribbon Festival

One, two, three, four, five, six, yes, seventh! And Lucy’s third Ribbon Festival.

Lucy at her third Ribbon Festival

Lucy performed Mary Had a Little Lamb beautifully.

She gets so very nervous about playing for people, but she retained her composure and pulled off her best performance to date. Phoebe was so proud of her sister that she stood and shouted, “You did it! You did a great job, Lucy!”

The judge had this to say.

Lucy, I must comment first on your beautiful dress! And you played beautifully, too! Your fingers got into the keys and you created a lovely tone. Your rhythm was very accurate. Think about changing the dynamics when phrases repeat. I know the music doesn’t tell you to do it, but we can do so to make our playing expressive. Your hand position looks good – keep thinking about curling your 5th fingers – they are the most stubborn. Keep up the good work and make Festival an annual goal.

Julia performed the first and second movement of Beethoven’s Sonatina in G Major.

She was on top of the world because her fifth grade science/intervention teacher came to see her play. He really made her feel special. His show of support moved my heart. I won’t forget it and neither will she.

Here’s what the judge said about her performance.


Beethoven would surely have been proud of your performance today for its accuracy of notes and rhythms, steadiness of tempo, and security of memory.

I do think that you could have played the piano sections of this famous piece more gently. Some things you could have done with greater sensitivity, such as the diminuendo rounding-off in movement I, measures 8 and 24, and you could have done the crescendo-decrescendo better sometimes.

I couldn’t be prouder of those girls. Oh, and these two, as well.

Phoebe at the Ribbon Festival

Jack, all dressed up

Their Ribbon Festival days are ahead.

The Grimmett kids at the Ribbon Festival

But so far, this was my favorite.

The Ribbon Festival was on Saturday. (You remember The Ribbon Festival. We’ve been there one, two, three, four, five times before.) It had been on my calendar for a month. The dresses had been chosen for a week. The day before, I had pulled out the music and numbered the measures, hung out the dresses, and located the shoes – in fact, we’d done a test fitting, just to be sure we were ready. But two hours before performance time, we were not ready. Julia had lost a shoe and Lucy’s shoes, suddenly and inexplicably, did not fit. So, at forty-five minutes to showtime, after a swift foot measurement, I sent the girls down their respective aisles at the shoe store with the task of selecting a black dress shoe in their size. This is how Julia ended up with a pair of heels – low heels, but HEELS – and Lucy, wedges.

This wouldn’t have happened on any other day.

They put them on right there in the store and walked proudly out of the mall like they had those robot legs from Herbie Hancock’s Rockit video.

Amazingly, we were on time for the event.

Lucy battled her stage fright on the bench for 68 agonizing seconds (which I cut from the video) before tentatively, but successfully performing Lightly Row.

Julia played Minuet 2.

They felt pretty good about themselves.

Lucy and Julia with their ribbons

They were almost as pleased with their ribbons as they were with their shoes.

The saga of Bee’s birthday concluded last night with cake and the blowing out of candles candle.

When you do birthday candles, if you have a number candle like you see in the picture below, do you also add other candles to total the number of the birthday kid’s year of celebration or does the number candle suffice? We usually do a singular number candle, but I’ve been to some other parties and I think maybe we’re doing it wrong.

Anyhoo, here’s Bee and her sisters…

Bee, her sisters and her cake...

...with Bee masks...

…with bee masks…

(You cannot see this picture…


…because they’re in ninja mode!)

...that glow in the dark.

…that glow in the dark.

And then the balloons…mmm…dropped? (Imagine me saying that in The New Style of The Beastie Boys.)

Now Bee is three, which is cool. We haven’t had a three-year-old around in a few years. I think we’ll enjoy it.

If you leave your paddling pool out and it gets all gross, you just might attract a visitor.

Visitor in our gross pool

She (Or he? How can you tell!?) had just been hanging around the pool. Then the girls put a rock in there and SHE JUMPED UP ON IT and that’s pretty much the most exciting thing that happened on Sunday or ever.

Up close visitor in our gross pool

Bee will turn three tomorrow. Three has traditionally been the first birthday for which I throw an invite-your-friends party, but we’ve decided to save that experience for next year. We will be celebrating BEE IS THREE not-so-quietly at home.

There will be a balloon drop in our dining room. It will go like this:

And now, I’ve got a cake to make.

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