Here’s the awesome Halloween Mad Lib Dave wrote for Julia’s preschool party.

On a _(kind of weather)_____ Halloween night in the town of __(name of town)_____, ________(classmate #1)____________, ________(classmate #2)______________ and I were going to a Halloween party at __________(teachers name)__________’s house. We were all excited about the party and made sure our costumes looked perfect. I was dressed as (a) ______(Halloween costume)____, _____(classmate #1)_______ was dressed as (a) _____(Halloween Costume)______, and _____(classmate #2)________ was dressed as a ____(Halloween costume)_____. When we got to the party, we were surprised when a ____(type of monster)____opened the door and said ____(type of greeting)___, but it was only ____(another teachers name)_____ who invited us in. Inside we saw ____(classmate #3)_____dressed as a scary ______(costume)_____ and playing __(a type of game)____. We also saw ____(classmate #4)___ drinking some ____(liquid)____. There was lots of delicious food for us to eat. ____(classmate #5)____ said his/her favorite was the _____(type of food)_____, but I was looking to eat some ____(kind of dessert)___. Just when we were getting ready to sing __(name of song)___, our favorite Halloween song, we heard a very loud _____(type of noise)____! Suddenly, the door slammed open and there were three _____(Halloween costume)_____ coming into the room. I held onto _____(classmate #6)_____ because I was very _____(feeling)_____. As we were about to run out of the house, the three yelled “_____(Surprise word)_____!” It was just _____(classmate #7)_____, _____(classmate #8)_____, _____(classmate #9)_____ and they brought _____(Halloween treat)_____. We all laughed and ___(something you like to do) . Then we had some wonderfully tasting _____(color)_____ punch and ate some _____(kind of candy)______. As we were leaving, I had to agree with __(classmate #10) and __(classmate #11)__ that this was by far the best Halloween party ever!