Haiku Buckaroo V Non-Blogger Submissions.

  1. My bladder was mine
    Until Baby came along
    Now my pants are wet

    – submitted by Mickey

  2. I’m out of a job
    It gave me purpose and joy
    What do I do now?

    – submitted by Jenny

  3. She’s off to scout camp
    She spreads her wings, learns to fly
    but how I miss her!

    – submitted by Jenny

  4. New clothes and new shoes
    pens and pencils, markers too
    It’s back to school time!

    – submitted by Jenny

  5. Hear the flowers bloom;
    Open your ears to the sun
    Smell the fine morning.

    Have you heard the views?
    I can smell rain in the air
    And taste the thunder.

    Can you hear the tears?
    Can you feel a broken heart?
    Or taste the sorrow?

    Look into my eyes.
    Some words must never be said
    But you can feel them.

    Touch the open sky;
    Listen to the rainbow’s arc –
    Paint your emotions.

    Think with your feet;
    Run with your imagination,
    And look with your heart.

    – submitted by Tanja

  6. Warm lemony cake
    Good for the heart and the soul…
    bad for my waistline

    – submitted by Jenny

  7. warm comfort flowing
    later, mustache on your face
    milk; my gift to you.

    – submitted by Rose

  8. Once a baby, blink.
    Now a bride, It’s my niece’s
    Tennessee wedding.

    -submitted by David

  9. Good-bye, Kentucky…
    Packing, moving, unpacking
    Hi Minnesota!

    -submitted by Beth