In Bloom

by Leslie

Remember my hostas?

Look at them now!

My Blooming Hostas





Pink and purple!

Pink and purple!


Just the ends.

What? Wait. No. Julia’s hair is just too dark. We gave her a few streaks, but the blue was nearly imperceptible to the naked eye and couldn’t not be caught on camera at all. So instead, we lightened her tips and colored it salmon.

Colored tips!

We’ll give the blue another try later.

Old Timey Baseball

by Leslie

Dave crossed an item off his bucket list at the Cy Young Days Festival last weekend when he got to play in a vintage base ball game.

Dave plays Old Timey Baseball

Mr. Grimmett, up to bat.

The local youth recreation league coaches teamed up to play the Ohio Village Muffins.


They played using a lemon peel ball.

Lemon peel ball

And according to the rules of 1860 base ball.

Old Timey Baseball Customs

It was pretty fun to watch.

We are great fans of bubbles. The bigger, the better. So, Julia was given a new giant bubble-making toy for her birthday.

Haylee makes a giant bubble

(That’s Julia’s BFF Haylee.)

Julia makes a giant bubble

We are also great fans of slow motion videos.

I cannot believe it took us so long to put them together.

Today is Julia’s eleventh birthday. Since she’s all about Minecraft, I decided to make her a Minecraft cake, like the one you can make on the game.

Julia's Minecraft Cake for her 11th birthday

Nice and simple. It’s a block! Easy. And it might have been if I’d followed my usual method: make the fondant and bake and frost the cakes the day before, assemble and decorate them after the kids go to bed that night. But I didn’t do it this way. Instead, I set out to baking after the kids went to bed. After two trips to the store for forgotten items, I actually began around 1 a.m. I ended up trying to assemble and decorate after breakfast (and very little sleep) this morning with a whole lot of help from Jack. The truth is, when it comes to cakes, something “simple,” like a block, is actually pretty damn hard to get just right. Also, Jack’s help is best suited for a moon cake. He makes crazy good craters with his pokey fingers.

But, I got it done – along with cupcakes for Julia share at her softball game tonight.

Minecraft cupcakes

The cool kids will know what they are.


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