Phoebe has Sharing Time at preschool on Wednesdays which consists of bringing an item to show the class that begins with their alphabet letter of the week. The letter this week was K. We discussed the possibilities at bedtime on Tuesday. Kangaroo. Kite. King. Key. Kitten. We had all of these things in toy form. When I dropped her off on Sharing Day, she decided to go with a kiss. She would blow a kiss to everyone because we forgot to pick an actual item. I thought it seemed like a safe option since the hand sanitizer I gave her at the last minute the week before (for letter H) is, according to the State of Ohio, a medication. Even if she blew a kiss with her middle finger, at least that’s not illegal.

Forgetting the Sharing Time item isn’t really such a big deal. One kid brought her fingers for letter F. It happens to everyone. But I’ve been really forgetful, lately. One day, I started to head for piano before I picked the kid up from school to take her. After a piano lesson recently, I checked in on-line at the hair salon for Julia to get her hair cut and forgot that’s where we were going on the way there. I figured it out when I pulled into JoAnn Fabrics and Julia said, “They cut hair here?” And then there’s the Tooth Fairy. She didn’t show up. For five nights. According to her note, she was on vacation. She paid a $1/day late fee, which was appreciated, but underwhelming after the long wait.

I’ve had enough instances of wondering why I hadn’t heard from someone only to discover that they were waiting on a response from me to send me looking for memory tests and articles about whether my forgetting was something to worry about. It isn’t. I remember – at some point. Reminders help. Maybe I’m not getting enough sleep. It could be anxiety. Perhaps it’s because I’m turning 40 in two months.

I will be 40 in two months. That’s the thing I’d like to forget.

Lucy’s Day

by Leslie

She had softball practice in the morning. Dave got off work early to take her. She wanted a new bike for her birthday, so after practice, he took her to pick one out and then to the park to ride it.

Riding her new bike

The rest of us surprised her there with a picnic party.

Lucy is 8!

We played and rode bikes until Grandma had to go to work and Dave had to get to sleep in order to work all night. Then we came home and she spent the evening dancing and singing along with her MP3 player.

Eight years ago, Lucy was born on a sunny day. My world has been brighter ever since.

Picnic at the park

See Saw


Phoebe and Jack

Big sister, little brother

My house still needs cleaned, though.

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