We’ve been having Family Game Night every other week since the start of the year and it’s been a whole lot of fun.

Family Game Night

We kicked it off with a new edition of a classic game: Clue. Lucy won, so she got to pick the game for the next game night.

Week 2: Wits and Wagers Party and Blokus. Lucy won, again. On both counts. And it’s not like we were letting her!

Week 3: Another classic. Mousetrap. Grandma & Phoebe won.

Week 4: Uno. Lucy won, of course.

Week 5: Wits and Wagers Party, again. And I won, with the help of my supportive sidekick, Jackson.

Week Six: Our new favorite game. (It’s the one in the picture.) Ticket To Ride. Lucy won – on game night as well as three out of the next five times we played!

Week Seven: Clue. Because Lucy never tires of Clue. Grandma won – on her first guess! So, we played again and I won, but Grandma gets to choose the next game.

Do you have any suggestions?

Cupcakes* for dinner.

Meatloaf cupcakes with mashed potato frosting

(*of meatloaf and mashed potatoes)

And Kool Aid* to drink.

Jello drink

(*Jello, actually.)

“Good morning, kids!”

Balloon Avalanche

“Hey, have you seen your dad?”

Stuck in the toilet

My kiddos.

Smiling Jack

Jack and Jules

Lucy and Julia

Bee, running

Julia and Lucy and Jack

Dave and Jack

Lemme have that camera, mom.


Jack and the cat

Jack pushing the wagon

Phoebe pulling Jack in the wagon

I handed her the recipe and surrendered the kitchen. I actually, physically removed myself from the kitchen. I did not stand over her shoulder or lurk and provide “helpful” advice. I left her to it. She rewarded me with delicious sugar cookies.

Julia made sugar cookies!

She was so proud. And all went well. Nothing blew up or got cut off or burn- well, there was that batch she forgot about.

Julia burned sugar cookies.

You burn, you learn. (Another Law of Food.)

*Unless it’s food you don’t like. Or you really like making food and are very good at making food. Or the person who makes you the food isn’t great at it.

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